Protecting Your Personal Information

At The Canada Life Assurance Company, we recognize and respect the importance of privacy. When coverage is applied for, We establish a file that contains personal information that is kept in the offices of Canada Life or the offices of an organization authorized by Canada Life. Insured Persons may exercise certain rights of access and rectification with respect to the information in their files by sending a request in writing to Canada Life. Canada Life may use service providers located within or outside Canada. We limit access to personal information in such files to Canada Life staff or persons authorized by Canada Life who require it to perform their duties, to persons to whom the Insured Persons' have granted access, and to persons authorized by law. Insured Persons personal information may be subject to disclosure to those authorized under applicable law within or outside Canada. We collect, use and disclose the personal information to process applications and, if such applications are approved, provide and administer the financial product(s) applied for, including investigating and assessing claims, and creating and maintaining records concerning Our relationship. For a copy of our Privacy Guidelines, or if You have questions about our personal information policies and practices (including with respect to service providers), write to Canada Life’s Chief Compliance Officer or refer to